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Main needs addressed in manufacturing workflows

Information communication and sharing

  1. Setup of instant 3D manufacturing projects reviews and workshops.
  2. Merge information from various sources into the open extensible data model.
  3. Production of Web documents for project teams, end users, sub-contractors, customers, …

Information gathering and perenity

  1. Open data and software format is a prerequisite for availability and consistency of information in the long run.
  2. This is the only way to go for a manufacturing company aiming total control on strategic 3d data, whatever software providers may become or decide.
  3. Our rich data model and our skills in importing various CAD formats into textual JSON guarantees to secure your 3D assets forever.

Information enriching, tools' neutrality and interoperability

  1. Openness allows for very cost effective and customised solutions for documentation production and 3d data exploitation.
  2. Openness allows for perenity of any CAD information outside CAD software in the long run.
  3. Our rich data model and our skills allows for further interoperability with downstream applications in the design and manufacturing process.