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What does TFTLabs COS bring to you ?

Follow the C.O.S (Communication Openness Scalability) principles...

  • Stop having standalone disconnected desktop solutions.

    Connect to the 3d web with our pure web cloud multi platform technology :

    1. Import your data from various existing CAD systems to a 3d web environment.
    2. Access and manipulate your data from anywhere, any platform, in a simple browser: Everything is done with standard HTML 5 / Javascript / WebGL dynamic web pages.
    3. Enrich and securely diffuse 3d information with a comprehensive 3d toolbox for creation, merge, manipulation, annotation, review and comment.

    Connect now !

  • Benefit our :

    1. Rich open 3d data format in text form (JSON /JavaScript Object Notation, which compresses well),
    2. Javascript applications in textual form,
    3. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in JavaScript / Representational State Transfer (REST) as the ultimate answer for data perennity.

    Access to your strategic 3d data is guaranteed, forever.

    Continuous improvement of your workflows is guaranteed, forever.

  • Pure cloud technology means :

    1. no upfront cost,
    2. tiny maintenance cost : nothing to install and/or upgrade on user desktop for IT teams,
    3. very cost-effective license model as for any SAAS ( Software As A Service),
    4. hardware freedom : runs on various operating systems and devices.